[FREE] Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Course: Beginner to Advanced

   In this course I WILL be teaching you how to play fingerstyle guitar. I cover all of the challenging chords, picking patterns, and techniques that are critical to this style IN DETAIL. I will be teaching you well known songs using a mutli-layered approach and giving you the fundamental skills to play your own favorite songs!
   I call these individual layers phases. Phase 1 will cover the chords and alternating bass pattern, phase 2 will cover the chords and the bass played together, phase 3 will be the bass, chords, and melody. This course is designed specifically to allow you to learn your own favorite songs easily and quickly, because you learn the mechanics behind fingerstyle – NOT just a couple of bars off of a tab. This will also enable you to write your own songs for fingerstyle.

What you’ll learn

  • Play alternate bass lines, chords, and melody all at the same time
  • Play fingerstyle blues!
  • Play fingerstyle (boom-chick) guitar
  • Use your thumb to make complex chords easier
  • Play with thumb-finger independence
  • Play fingerstyle blues
  • Know common fingerstyle chord shapes and patterns
  • Know advanced fingerstyle chord shapes
  • Learn to cover two strings with on finger
Fingerstyle Guitar Course:

I. Introduction


II. Tuning Your Guitar



III. Fingerstyle Chords



IV. Amazing Grace



V. C Major – Thumb-finger independance


2. F Major Chord Independence – Tabs

VI. Mary Had A little Lamb



VIII. I am a Pilgrim



IX. Blues in E


2. 12 Bar Blues – Phase 1 – Tabs

2. 12 Bar Blues – Phase 2 – Tabs

2. 12 Bar Blues – Phase 3 – Tabs

X. How to build your own chords


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