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Nothing Else Matters Chords

[Em] So close no matter [D]how [C]far
[Em] couldn’t be much more [D]from the heart[C] [Em] forever trusting [D]who we [C]are
[G] and [B7]nothing else [Em]matters [Em] never opened [D]myself this way[C] [Em] life is ours, we live it [D]our way[C] [Em] all these words I [D]don’t just say[C] [G] and [B7]nothing else [Em]matters [Em] trust I seek and I [D]find in you[C] [Em] every day for us [D]something new[C] [Em] open mind for a [D]different view[C] [G] and [B7]nothing else [Em]matters [C] [A]

[D]never cared for what they [C] do[A] [D]never cared for what they [C] know[A] [D]but I [Em]know



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